Dear Bethlehem

Posted on: 23-May-2016

It is with great joy and humble anticipation that I gladly accept your invitation to be your vicar. My wife, Melissa and I are truly
thrileed and excited to come live among you all, as the report of your
faithfulness, your loving care, and your sincere faith has been relayed to
us by faithful witnesses. We modestly hoped, at first, to simply return to
our home-country in Florida, yet we are blessed beyond measure to also
come to your congregation and serve among you.
Along for the journey comes our daughter Penny (2 3/4) and Devin
Jr. (1). Penny is a rambunctious little girl who has just begun repeating
everything we say, and Devin Jr. is running around and climbing on
everything. They are our treasure and joy, and we are excited to share
their formative moments with you.
Pastoral ministry is a gift from God, even as you all are a gift to my
family and me. I thank you for taking so seriously the charge to raise up
men, such as myself, for the vocation of pastor. This vicarage is a truly
important portion of this process, and I thank you for allowing me to
learn, grown, and form among you. May God bless you in your ministry
and life. We look forward to seeing you all in August.
Devin Murphy and the Murphy Family

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