Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place

Posted on: 26-Apr-2012

"Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place, I can feel His mighty power and His Grace. I can hear the brush of angel's wings, I see glory on each face; surely the presence of the Lord is in this place."

And that has how it has been throughout this Lenten and Easter season and will continue to be. The music is a powerful and pleasant way to connect to God. The music IS the word; whether you are singing it, playing or just letting it into your heart - it IS the word. We have had an exceptionally vibrant and meaningful season with many sharing their gifts to make the season musically spiritual.
I would like to recognize and thank the following:
Trumpets: Don Grigg, Kenny Imel and John Poe
Flute: Carolyn Menke
Drums and Timpani: Danny Barley and Kenny Imel
Vocalists: Elyse Matthews, Richard Smith, Carolyn Menke and our very 
                George Zikeli.
The Adult Choir (ever devoted and always there)
And our newest: The Kids' Choir, to be known from now on as Bethlehem
                           Lutheran Church Kids Praise Team!

Everyone has done an outstanding job and it is a pleasure to work with so  much talent so graciously given.
I would like to ask for special prayers for one of our choir members and special singer and music teacher in the preschool: Debbie Rider. Debbie had a large and serious growth on one of her vocal chords. She has had surgery, which seems to have been successful, but it is unknown as of now whether she will be able to sing. We pray vigorously for healing for her. Singing is not only the gift she shares so freely, it is also how she makes her living. She has been worshipping with us, but we want her back singing with us. God's healing on you, Debbie.

Now some exciting news: The Kids Praise Team will be singing the Mother's Day service at 9:30 AM ( May 13, 2012). Please plan to attend. They remind us that "Surely the presence of God is in this place." It has been said that singing is praying twice; it is my opinion that kids singing is praying in triplicate!

The adult choir will be on retreat May 18 - 20 on Jekyll Island where we will have a choral workshop, fellowship ( food!) and sing in a church on the island on Sunday morning, bringing the Word to them. It is a celebration of the Gift of Music and all that it means in our worship. Please wish us Godspeed!

Happy Spring and again as always, thank you for your support.
God's many blessings,

Kathleen Olive, Minister of Music

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